October was a busy month here at St. Joseph’s at Fleming .  Fall colour was in full splendor. Our burning bushes blazed a vibrant red and the trees across from the road to Fleming College glowed in various shades of orange and yellow.  Alas our path closed for the season toward the end of this month as we awaited the first snow fall….which didn’t take long! Thankfully it didn’t stay.

Our Pathway at the beginning of October

Bee in the centre of a pink rose Pond surrounded by trees. Early October hillside EarlyOctober hillside

Last rose of summer            Pond                                    First glimpse of colour on hillside

Our Pathway at the end of the month.  A blaze of colour!

Burning bush shrubs and evergreen tree. Red and orange coloured trees in fall. Pond surrounded with Fall foliage Trees and shrubs in fall colour

Burning bushes                          Pathway                                Pond                               Driveway

Voting day came and went, birthdays were celebrated, and a special guest entertained the Men’s Club with a talk on Cricket Food Farming in Norwood. The month ended on a rousing note with the annual Halloween party.  Lots of costumes and pumpkins!

  Group of men listening to speaker Man inspecting food packets

Waiting to vote                                                                      Aran from Entomo Cricket farms/Kim

 Man and woman enjoying coffee at table. Flowers in greenhouse Green house plants

Greenhouse café                                                                           Greenhouse itself!

Lots and lots of Halloween Pics too numerous to describe!

Woman posing for camera in costume Four women in costume smile for camera Two women in costume smile for camera. Two costumed men pose for camera

Two women and one man pose in costumes. Group in costume smile for camera. Woman in blue wig smiles for camera Woman sitting at table in large hat smiles for camera.

Man in funny Halloween costume. Man with funny hat on head smiles for camera. Man and woman smile for camera in costumes. Woman dressed as Mary Poppins smiles for camera

People gathering for party in auditorium. Two costumed women smile for camera Two costumed women smile at camera. Group dressed in costume enjoying music.

Two women in costume smile for camera Nurse dressed as old fashioned nurse for Halloween Carved pumpkin for Halloween Carved pumpkin for Halloween

Carved pumpkin for Halloween Two tables filled with Halloween pumpkins Two women survey table of carved pumpkins Three women dressed as three blind mice.

Halloween decorated cake. Halloween cupcakes  Woman dressed as Queen waves to camera.


Two costumed women pose for picture Group at table enjoying Halloween party. Man in funny costume with woman in chair. Woman in costume struts across auditorium.

A man in funny hat and woman in big red glasses watch music. Two women in scary costumes  Band ready to perform Man in funny Halloween costume