Summer Falls into Autumn

Summer is closing and the feeling of Fall is definitely in the air.  May and June were so cold and wet it seemed we barely got any summer at all. We did get enough heat to bring on the flowers and fruit trees.  The sunflowers on the balconies bloomed and I think a few tomatoes have been picked. Pathway especially enjoyed the outdoors on the “Party” patio nicely decorated by our Pathway recreationist.  Hilltop decided to go Hawaiian for the season and Creekside went “deep” for an Octopus’s Garden look.  Woodland courtyards were well used providing a safe environment to enjoy flowers and catch some sun. Our summer students will be very much missed and we wish them well in future pursuits.  August was full of events including the vintage car show, the bowling tournament and summer bingo.  September is shaping up to be busy as well.  We all welcome back our Manager of Recreation and Therapy from her honeymoon in Portugal with a “new” name!

Chickens! Carley and the “girls”

Woman in chicken coop

Summer Zoo


Women’s Lunch in Woodland

Activities About the Home

group watching entertainers group watching entertainers

Grounds Courtyards and Pathway with Weeding Crew!

pink geraniums sunflower apple tree branch pear tree branch

Car Show

Summer Students in action

three women smile for camera