A Summer Stroll

This summer is certainly shaping up to be a lot different than last year.  The rains of 2017 brought lush growth and glorious colour to the wild areas as well as feeding the trees and shrubs that were thirsty after the drought of 2016.  It looks like we’re repeating that hot and dry season again this year!  Early morning is a good time to stroll the path before the sun sends everyone, including Sparky the chipmunk in search of shade or air-conditioning.

Matthew and friend on pond gazebo bridge.

Man in power wheelchair on bridge by pond Man in powerchair on bridge by pond Chipmunk eating peanut Chipmunk scooting out of shot.

Chipmunk running along bridge Chipmunk with peanut on fence Man in large sun hat waving. Man in sun hat smiling for the camera. 


Fall fruits forming. July flowers blooming. A curious critter by the pond.

Pear fruit on tree closeup of apple forming on tree

   Green trees and shrubbery surrounding gazebo.

Green trees against blue sky. Green frog in foliage by water's edge. Green frog in foliage by waters edge Green frog in foliage by water's edge.