Message from the Board of Directors 

The Board has had a busy and productive year. Committees have worked to review and revise  various  policies  in  conjunction  with  the  CEO  and  staff  of St. Joseph at Fleming. We are encouraged by the progress being made in various areas of the Home and encouraged by the dedication and hard work of staff on behalf of our Residents. We are looking forward to a challenging and exhilarating year in 2021.

On behalf of the Board members it is my pleasure to wish Residents and their families and the staff a new year that is peaceful and joyful.

The Board

  • Gary Lounsbury- Chair
  • Jeff Leal -Vice Chair
  • Sharon Brown
  • Beryl Cable-Williams
  • Henry Clarke
  • Peter Darling
  • Wayne Godward
  • Msgr. Michael Heffernan
  • Janet Honsberger
  • Kate Kincaid
  • John McGarrity
  • Janie McGee, CHSO Designate
  • John Nichols-Past Chair
  • Theresa Pagett

Policy Governance Model

Board of Directors

St. Joseph at Fleming is a Catholic-faith based long term care home that honours the Christian traditions of its founding origins: the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada and Anson House.

Under the auspices of the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario, the volunteer Board of Directors of St. Joseph at Fleming operates on a Policy Governance model. In this capacity, its role is to initiate broad written policies that reflect the mission and values of the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario, the heritage of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada and the Health Ethics Guide.

The Board of Directors commissions the CEO with responsibility for the operation of the Home in a manner that is commensurate with those policies and that honours the dignity and value of Residents who make it their home and Staff who care for them.

Board Committees

Governance Committee

The role of this committee is to develop and review Board policies related to Governance and monitor Board compliance with its own polices.

Quality Assurance & Risk Management Committee

The role of this committee is to review and monitor Board policies related to quality of care, services and programs; and to receive reports from the CEO regarding quality.

Resource Committee

The role of this committee is to ensure that the Board has all the information required to assess the financial viability of the organization and to ensure that the Home exercises proper stewardship of the available resources.