yellow yarrow and yellow and marroon daylilies in garden


August was a busy month here at St. Joseph’s at Fleming.  We started off with a classic car show, always a hit with our residents.  Trapper Bill Trudeau was featured at a Men’s Club meeting with a variety of Canadian furs to show.  The annual bowling tournament was followed by a Kentucky Fried Chicken lunch to make it extra special.

Woman seated in Model A car Two women smiling for camera in front of classic car  Woman holding coffee cup seated in wheelchair in parking lot

 Man and woman looking at classic car Two women smiling into camera, one in wheelchair one standing in front of classic car


Woman helping seated man bowl Group of seated people looking at bowling pins Large group in auditorium playing bowling Man helping woman with ball in bowling game

As summer progresses our garden path blooms ever more colourful into the deep purples oranges and yellows.

Echinacea, purple cone flowers in garden yellow yarrow and yellow and marroon daylilies in garden yellow and maroon daylilies Purple loosestrife, orange daylilies

Paige keeps the boxes full on Creekside

Planter box with squash plants vegetables and nasturtium in planter box

Vicki Bell is retiring this month from her position as Supervisor of Recreation and Therapy Services.  We congratulate Lisa Bruinsma on assuming this role come September.  A final word on Vicki Bell from a member of the Residents Council!

A Paeon of Praise for Vicki Bell

To be sung or recited to the rhythm of a galloping horse.

Let us all sing the praises of our dear Vicki Bell,

Who has done so much for us and done it so well.

She’s out of her office from morning ‘til night,

Running hither and thither, getting everything right.

She does all the paper work, heaven knows when.

She asks us to check it; then does it again!

How she fuels all this energy nobody knows;

But you see the result in the hang of her clothes.

So lets sing out her praises, yes, sing loud and well;

For there’s never another Victoria Bell!

F.H. Kim Krenz