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It goes without saying that COVID-19 has been an unprecedented threat, in particular to our community. While all of us are feeling the effects of the pandemic, seniors living in long term care homes are especially vulnerable. Many of the residents at St. Joseph’s at Fleming are older, frailer and have more complex chronic health conditions, putting them at increased risk. To date, our thoughtful building design and long-established health and safety protocols are helping to contain disease outbreaks. Staff work in only one of our 8 wings, reducing the chances of spreading infections between residents. But with necessary lockdown procedures restricting family visits and group activities, our residents face loneliness and isolation as never before.

The future depends on our actions today. Our caring staff have found creative ways to make do with out-dated equipment and technology in a facility that is in urgent need of updates. But the seniors who depend on our care deserve so much better. Now more than ever, we must stay true to our mission of building on the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph to provide each of our residents with compassionate person-centered care and comfort.

With your help, we can invest in enhanced resident safety, comfort and well-being. Together, we can make the urgently needed updates to our facility, including the purchase of a new HVAC system to help with infection control and keep residents comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets outside.

Your support today will make an incredible difference to our ability to replace aging equipment and fixtures, fund vital programs and services and continue providing our residents with the best quality of life possible, now and into the future.

As a not-for-profit long term care home, we receive the majority of our operating funding from the Provincial Government and the balance is comprised of fees paid by residents.  Unfortunately, there is very little allowance for capital improvements which is why this request is so urgent.  While there has been some new support announced by the Provincial Government, it appears to be aimed more at those for-profit homes where the COVID-19 pandemic has had the greatest impact in terms of loss of life.

SJF fared better than most because management moved swiftly to introduce measures to reduce transmission and because we have fewer residents who share rooms, but we know there is more that we could do to protect our residents.  By upgrading our HVAC system to include high efficiency HEPA filtration, we can reduce the prospects of airborne transmission – something that has been identified as extremely important given the information about the recent mutations of the virus that have found their way to Canada. Won’t you please consider helping us protect our residents and staff through improved filtration?  Your gift will help us save lives!

Please Be a Saint and support St. Joseph’s at Fleming. The only way we can make life better for our 200 residents, 265 caregivers and 120 volunteers is with your generosity. Many of our residents are from the Greater Toronto Area and Durham Region, in addition to Peterborough and Prince Edward Counties. Your gift will help us to help St. Joseph’s at Fleming provide the very best care to the vulnerable seniors we serve – your family, friends and neighbours.

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