Family Communication Dec 18th

Good Afternoon Everyone,



Currently, we DO NOT have any cases of COVID in the home at this time.


We are currently in the Yellow Zone – Protect. If you reside in an orange, red or grey you will not be permitted into the home.


You will only be permitted to enter the Home if you can provide PROOF of your Negative Covid-19 test within the past two week period.


If you DO NOT receive a weekly update please feel free to call Dee Archer ext. 3036 And she would be more than happy to send it to you!!


With Christmas fast approaching we want everyone know that we are working hard to ensure the Residents have the best Christmas possible!


Sadly this year things are a little different as we are NOT able to have any guests into the home for Christmas Dinner. We are all praying that next year families will be in the Home enjoying their Visits with Family.


We appreciate your patience and working with us as we proceed through what is going to be a tough month.

Please be assured your loved one is not going to be alone at all on Christmas Day! They will be enjoying a lovely Turkey Dinner with their friends that are like family here at the home! We are doing everything possible to make it a Christmas they will not forget!


Gift Giving Process:


AS the holidays get closer we understand that people may like to drop off gifts to their loved ones. We ask that you label the gift with the residents name and drop it off in the drop box at the front of the home.  After all screening measures take place we will ensure that your loved one gets there gifts! The recreation Team will be delivering ALL Wrapped gifts to the residents on December 24th.  We ask that you start to bring in wrapped gifts anytime so we can have them organized and ready for delivery.  If you are thinking of dropping off any food items to your loved one for the holiday season all food items MUST be individually wrapped for example Quality Street candies are individually wrapped,  this will allow them to be wiped down upon entry to the home.  We will NOT be accepting any baked good at this time. We appreciate your understanding and patience with us as we work through this Unprecedented Christmas Season.  If you were thinking of brining something in for the staff gift cards area always appreciated. Please know that we are trying to keep the home ”Outbreak free” so that we are able to provide programming for your loved one over the holidays.  The staff here at St. Joseph’s at Fleming will be here doing the best they can to make this Christmas Season the best it can be for everyone!



Ongoing Measures Currently in Place:


Are we isolating Residents’ who exhibit Respiratory Symptoms?


We continue our due diligence by placing any resident exhibiting respiratory symptoms on droplet/contact isolation, precautions, and testing.


Are we admitting new Residents and/or readmitting Residents from Hospital?


Yes, we are.  All new and returning Residents, must have a negative COVID swab result prior to entering St. Joseph’s at Fleming and remain in isolation for a minimum of 14 days.  At the completion of their 14-day isolation, they will have another COVID swab taken and will remain in isolation until a negative result.




We are awaiting receipt  of the new Vaccine locally and we do we will let everyone know when that occurs! They POA’s will be notified for consent prior to beginning of administration to the residents here at St. Joseph’s at Fleming.


Perishable food items:


Ensuring the Health and Safety of our Residents here at St. Joseph’s at Fleming is our number one priority.  This includes Food Safety.

As a Long-Term Care Facility, we must purchase our food supplies from a credible Food Service Distributor.  Our main supplier, Sysco Canada, prides themselves in delivering products that meet stringent safety, reliability, and quality standards.

Food safety is imperative within the Dietary department.

We ask that families refrain from bringing perishable food items into the facility as these items’ present food safety hazards/risks if not handled, transported, and stored within acceptable temperatures always ranges.

We thank you for your cooperation.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Manager of Nutrition Kendra Jackson.


Resident’s clothing:

Families have been dropping off brand new clothing with tags on them for staff to try on their loved one.

All new clothing to be tried on by residents is to be held in a quarantine bin at reception (Board Room) for 48 hours.



Family must have pre planned drop off and try on with RPN or Charge Nurse on their loved one’s floor.

A drop off bin is located outside the front door.

Please put in a clear bag with resident’s name and room number clearly marked on the bag.

Screeners wipe down the outer bag and Reception puts label on bag with date and time of delivery.

You must have pre-arranged pick up as well.


Clothing for labelling only:


All clothing family send in to be labelled only, will be sent to laundry for washing first prior to being distributed to their rooms.

Please put in a clear bag with resident’s name and room number clearly marked on the bag.

The bag will be sanitized and kept at reception in marked bin for 24 hours prior to being sent to laundry


Clothing drop off process:


There is a bin outside of front door for laundry – contact the screener or reception (use the communication box located at the front door, phone in or phone ahead) to let staff know you have dropped off clothing.






As per policy of the home the Balconies have now been closed for the winter.  The balconies are locked after the Thanksgiving long weekend due to the inconsistent weather temperatures.


COVID 19 Testing centers:


We would like to let you know that Shoppers Drug Mart at 741 Lansdowne St W (Lansdowne /High St) Peterborough location is now a government approved ASYMPTOMATIC COVID19 Testing Site starting Thursday October 15, 2020. Please call 705-748-6141 to book an appointment!




We will continue to have indoor visits. At this time we are NO longer doing outdoor visits , but we will always look at special circumstances as they arise.

As of October 5th, we are only permitting residents to go out to medical appointments only.

We are only permitting 1 visit a week per Resident.  But we are always willing to look at any circumstance and work with families as they arise.


As you are aware the Ontario Government has decreased the number permitted for indoor gatherings to 10 and outdoor gatherings to 25.  The Recreation Team will work within these restrictions focusing on small group programming, cohorting residents on each Home Area side.


There are 3 types of Visitors permitted into SJF and all are screened prior to entering St Joseph’s at Fleming:



#1.          Essential Visitor:

This applies to residents who are very ill or palliative.


#2.          Caregiver:

  • This applies to individuals such as a family member or paid worker designated by the Resident or Power of Attorney for Care to provide direct care (e.g., supporting feeding, mobility, personal hygiene, cognitive stimulation, communication, meaningful connection).
  • These visitors must wear a procedure mask and attest to a negative COVID swab every 2 weeks.  Only permitted in the resident room.
  • This role must be approved by the Home Area Manager and will be on the Residents Care Plan.

Woodland & Pathway – Joanne ext. 3054

Hilltop & Creekside – Julie ext. 3024



#3.          Indoor, virtual and Window visitors

  • These visits MUST be scheduled through the Recreation Team and occur in the designated indoor or outdoor spaces.
  • Indoor visits: must wear medical masks provided by the Home and have a negative COVID test every 2 weeks. You will be asked for PROOF of test when you come in to the home!



Creekside -Paige ext. 3004

Hilltop – Kelly ext. 3039

Woodland – Angela ext. 3018

Pathway – Alex ext. 3007


Thanks and have the best weekend ever!!