Family Communication June 18th

Good Afternoon,


As of June 4th 2021 Directive #3 For Long Term Care Homes under the Long -Term Care Homes Act,2007


We continue to attempt to keep you updated on changes .Please any questions contact Manager of Recreation Ex. 3036.


Just this past month restrictions have been eased so that residents can now:



  • Residents who are cognitively and physically able can go out for a walk in the immediate vicinity of the home


  • Leave the home for essential absences.


  • Fully immunized residents will be able to partake in absences for day and overnight social outings and trips


( Please ensure your resident is booked out of the home and day passes are booked through the Charge Nurse /RPN and the overnight social outings and trips are booked through the Home Area Manager)


  • Resume communal dining, indoor events and gatherings ( must be Co-Horted /social distancing ) .


  • Have close contact such as holding hands for those residents and their caregivers who are both fully immunized


  • Have outdoor visits with their loved ones ( Homes will schedule visits )


  • Residents with mobility limitations or health conditions that make outdoor visits highly unlikely or impossible may have one general visitor for an indoor visit ( Homes will schedule visit requests)


  • brief hugs for all residents, visitors and caregivers regardless of immunization status ( This does not mean that you remove your mask )


  • Close contact for residents and general visitors who are both fully vaccinated ( Must be registered through )


  • Fully immunized caregivers will no longer be required to wear eye protection ( The Home’s employee must wear eye protection )



**  If you have a sunhat that you would be able to bring for your loved ones as we are now able to get outside and enjoy this wonderful weather the recreation staff would be very grateful.  If you are going to be providing a sunhat can you please ensure that it is labeled or in a bag to go to be labeled with the residents name on it. ***


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support that you have been giving us through this long journey of COVID-19 Pandemic.


Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s day to all the men out there celebrating this Sunday!