Family Communication June 5th 2021

Good Afternoon,


Please see family communication for June 5th 2021.



Effective June 9th please see below!


Visiting Rules: 


  • Fully /Partial or Not Immunized general visitors may schedule an outdoor visit. Limit per general visit with resident is two general visitors at a time when outdoor.
  • Indoor general visits will be permitted if a resident is unable to go outside. All Indoor general visits are allowed in the Family Visiting Center . One visitor indoors at a time.
  • Yes Balcony & Courtyard areas are allowed for Caregiver visits at St. Joseph’s at Fleming.
  • Masks must be worn by both residents and visitors at all times.
  • No Food or drink during any visits at St. Joseph’s at Fleming .
  • Social Distancing.
  • Screening both outdoors and Indoors will continue and Indoor Visitors will be Rapid Antigen tested.
  • We are requesting at St. Joseph’s at Fleming that Eye Protection must be worn by visitors /caregivers when visiting indoors at the resident’s home .




  • Small Group Programming will resume in home areas at St. Joseph’s at Fleming.
  • Large Communal Dining and Social Activities will resume when -( Depends on 85% of residents and 70% employees must be fully Immunized)
  • Fully Immunized Care Givers must confirm that they have been vaccinated to Home Area Managers.
  • Fully Immunized resident will be permitted Short Term Social ( <24hrs) absence.
  • Fully Immunized resident will be permitted Temporary ( 2+ days /overnight ) absence.


We will continue to keep you updated as the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care advises Long Term Care.


Due to weather extreme heat advisories we may have to cancel outdoor visits to ensure we are keeping the residents safe! We thank you for you patience! Have a great weekend!