Family Communication May 14th 2021

Good Afternoon,


Reminder that the Lock Down order is still in place for the Province of Ontario.


The Provincial Ontario Government is extending the stay at home order June  2nd 2021.


1.When 85% of our Resident and 70% of our Employees are Fully Vaccinated against CoVid-19, we are permitted to be flexible with measures like physical distancing or social gathering.

At the present time 98% our Residents and 5% of our Employees are Fully Vaccinated.

Staff remain vigilant in all Practices of Infection and Control measures however, 78% of our staff are Partially Vaccinated and continue to seek their second vaccine due to redeployment of vaccines to Hot Spots in the Province.


  1. Residents who are cognitive and physically able may go outside for physical activity but, must wear masks and continue to be screened in and out.

Note: If a resident has symptoms or has been identified as a CoVid-19 case or a contact they may not leave the home.


  1. Fully Immunized Caregivers who have passed screening and Rapid Testing, may join in communal dining and indoor activities in all Homes areas, unless otherwise directed by the local public health unit.

Fully Immunized Care Givers must provide proof for the Home to retain on file.  A Green colored name tag is given to the Caregiver to identify their status.


  1. The following are exceptions to physical distancing:

A Fully Immunized Resident is permitted to have physical contact with their Fully Immunized Essential Caregiver(s) and compassionate /palliative visitors may e.g.; holding hands, hugs)


What’s New in the Home?


We will be opening all balconies and courtyards for residents to be outside effective May 17th, 2021.  Resident must wear masks and continue to physically distance. If you have a summer hat at home that you would like to have your loved one wear when they go outside please put in a bag with the loved ones name on it and drop it in the bin at the front entrance!


We will continue to work with you and will keep you updated as we move forward to reopening.

Have a great weekend!