Family Communication September 17th

 Updates for visitors, absences and resident activities can be found posted at the screening desk and here:

FAQ & A for visitors:

  • Yes – You must continue to wear a mask at all times in the facility and on the grounds
  • Yes – you can go for walks outside
  • Yes – You can visit anywhere in the home except at mealtime.
  • No – you may not eat with your resident at this time.
  • Only Fully immunized Registered Caregivers may assist their Resident in the Dining room at meals.  You must touch base with your Home Area Manager and be given a green badge in order to feed in the dining rooms.
  • Yes – you can attend a party or social activity with your resident
  • No – you do not have to have articles dropped off outside and wiped down. You can now bring items in and give directly to your resident the clothing drop off remains at reception
  • No – you do not need to schedule your visit with the recreation team, but those Fully Immunized are required to show your proof to the screeners or if you do not have proof or are not Fully Immunized you must receive a rapid test in order to visit.


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Rally against Bill 124.  It was a huge success.
Please sign the petition that is available when you come in the front door.