Family News during Visiting Restrictions -Stay in Touch!



 Recreation staff are scheduling appointments for family/resident phone calls or Skype. These visits will start on Wednesday, March 25th. They can be scheduled from 1:30pm-3:30pm and will continue weekly Monday-Friday from 1:30pm-3:30pm until further notice.  If you are wishing to schedule a visit and we can make it work, we are also trying to have what we call “window visits” where you and your loved one sit/stand on either side of a window in your loved ones home area, so you can see each other while talking on the phone. Residents are not to leave their home areas so the Recreation staff will do their best with arranging “window visits” depending in which home area your loved one lives.

Note: The visits with your loved one will be scheduled for 10 minutes.

Please call the following Extensions to arrange a visit with your loved one based on which home area they live on in the home:

Creekside Home Area (A & B): Ext. 3044 Paige

Hilltop Home Area (C & D): Ext. 3036 Deanna

Woodland Home Area (E & F): Ext. 3036 Deanna

Pathway Home Area (G & H): Ext. 3036 Deanna

The Recreation staff will give you any further information needed in order to make the phone calls/visits work. Please be patient as we process your requests.  We will get back to you.

Protective Measures during COVID-19 Pandemic

 In response to  Directives from public health, social distancing has been implemented in the dining rooms. Tables have been relocated and a  new seating plan has been developed.

We have active screening at the main entrance to screen staff in and out of work.

There are no resident outings permitted and no visitors are allowed to enter the building.

We have arranged a family drop off box outside the main entrance during the hours of 8am and 4pm. No takeout, or home made food is permitted. Items must be able to be sanitized therefore no paper products are allowed. Label your package with Resident Name Home Area and Room number.

Recreational Staff have set up virtual visits and individual Home Areas. Arrangements can be made by dialing a direct line to Recreationist’s extension at 705-750-2706 and leaving a message with your name and contact information with Carley at extension 3047 or Paige at extension  3044.

We are in contact daily with our Medical Director and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for guidance.

We have marked high traffic areas on the floor to visually assist the residents to determine proper social distancing as well as posting hand washing signage.

Doors to Home areas have been closed.  Residents are to remain on their Home area.

The Federal Government, Ontario Ministry of Health and the Regional Public Health Unit are undertaking measures to manage the spread of the CoVid -19 Virus to the best of their abilities, we all need to cooperate with Directives to keep our Homes and Communities safe.

Given the staffing concerns during this difficult time, please be aware we, at SJF, are actively recruiting and hiring new staff. Despite what you may hear in the media, the new staff being hired continue to meet established standards required for the position to which they are being hired.

Additionally, all new staff are required to attend general orientation as well as role specific education. These standards and processes will not be compromised.


Daily Life in St. Joseph’s at Fleming

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