February might be short but it delivered some powerful weather!  Snow storms, ice storms, wind storms. Some days  we thought spring might be just around the corner with mild temperatures and sunny skies only to find those temperatures plummeting and ice underfoot the next day.  Along with the regular activities such as sing song and the Pub  we celebrated Valentines Day and held our annual staff recognition awards.  Now that we’ve broken into the third month of the New Year it won’t be long before we see signs of spring and hear the morning bird song.   Can warm summer weather be far behind?  We can only hope.

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Seated group singing out of books

Monday Sing Song Dawn at piano                 Jarmila, new hostess for Friday Pub

Valentines Day concert with chocolate cup cakes

 Birthday Party revellers                                    Alex’s baking club



Two women answering questions

Staff General Meeting.  Questions posed, questions answered!




Group of people smiling for camera in a row    

Woman cutting cake Women serving cake   

Group enjpying cake and coffee Woman with boquet of flowers chatting Two men in conversation  

group of women chatting Woman chatting in a group  

People mingling at gathering People enjoying cake flowers gift bags and certificates on a table


Staff Awards