Volunteer With Us

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A Rewarding Experience

Volunteers are a vital and much appreciated part of the St. Joseph’s at Fleming family. We offer volunteer opportunities throughout the Home. Whether it’s a quiet one-on-one visit, taking a Resident for a walk, or getting more involved in programs and entertainment, your time will touch lives in ways beyond words.


Rights of the Volunteer

  • To be treated as a valuable member of our team.
  • To be placed in a position which is suitable and worthwhile.
  • To receive a placement description.
  • To receive orientation to St. Joseph’s at Fleming.
  • To receive initial and on-going training.
  • To be kept informed.
  • To be given sound guidance and direction.
  • To feel free to make suggestions and/or voice concerns.
  • To be given recognition.

Responsibilities of the Volunteer

  • To participate in orientation and training programmes.
  • To follow the rules, regulations and guidelines of St. Joseph’s at Fleming and Volunteer Services.
  • To be reliable and fulfill the commitment made.
  • To accept guidance and supervision.
  • To work as part of our team.
  • To respect confidentiality at all times.

Qualities of a Caring Volunteer

  • Ability to recognize that each Resident has the need for human contact and relationships.
  • Ability to recognize that most Residents have a capacity for growth even within limited areas.
  • Ability to regard the Resident as an individual with potential.
  • Ability to be supportive and empathetic.
  • Ability to recognize and adapt to changes in the Resident’s life situation.
  • Ability to recognize, accept and support Residents who appear to be upset about their life situation.
  • Ability to respect and appreciate a Resident’s differing concept of reality.
  • Ability to accept the Resident’s need for privacy or withdrawal.
  • Ability to respect cultural, ethnic and personal differences.
  • Ability to share problems related to a Resident with the professional staff.
  • Ability to derive some satisfaction from helping the Resident.

Ready to Volunteer?

Please Contact 705-743-4744 extension 3036