A look back at June

The ever-changing scenery along our garden path is lush and colourful this year. Two little frogs greet you as you start your walk.  The wild area is full of birdsong and butterflies. As you walk past the road to Fleming College you see swaths of trefoil, black-eyed Susan, purple vetch and ox-eye daisy. The pear tree is loaded with fruit for another bumper crop.  A slight detour takes you to the gazebo by the pond where you can rest in the shade and listen to the low bass voices of the resident frogs.  The real ones that is!  Returning to the path you pass various perennials, take a turn at the xylophone, contemplate life at the memory garden and find yourself at the rose gazebo and the end of the route. Nature is important to us here at St. Joseph’s at Fleming. The garden is the place to renew ourselves and reflect on our place in nature.

Two frog garden ornaments with yellow flowers in the background  yellow flowers in a lushgreen meadow with tall trees in background   Pond surrounded by trees and grasses

Garden border with yellow flowers, billowing banner and hostas.  Garden Border with yellow and red flowers and ornamental windmill.    Garden gazebo surrounded by roses in bloom,

We celebrated Canada Day on June 29th with a Strawberry Social.  Red strawberries and white cream!

two elderly woman at a table enjoying atrawberry cake  Elderley people sitting at tables decorated with Canada Day napkins and flags. Two men standing at microphone, one with long beard and the other with an oversize Canada Day hat.   A man and a woman playfully dancing.

The residents said good-bye to Board Chair Joanne Carroll-Seabrook and presented her with one of Tony’s famous quilts. Pictures of  St. Joseph’s at Fleming were incorporated into the design.  We will certainly miss Joanne.

A man and a woman looking at a quilt.  Seated elderley man and woman with a standing woman holding up a quilt for the camera.