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What We Do

Your Administration Team is responsible for Human Resources, Resident Finances, Home Finances, Payroll and Reception. A dedicated and professional team, this group often works behind the scenes to ensure resident care and the Home’s operations run smoothly and efficiently. Excellent customer service (to both resident and our sister departments), timely and accurate flow of information, and leadership through example, are our key objectives.

Administration is the first point of contact for the Home and a very busy centre of operations. From banking, postal services, general correspondence, call centre management, report writing, room bookings, ticket sales, newsletters, hiring, training, health & safety, resident & home financial management, budgeting, strategic planning, policy development, advocacy, emergency planning, admissions, tours, record keeping, privacy and supply management, this dedicated team ensures the tools are in place for a safe, successful and quality operation.


Food and Nutrition Services

What We Do

Your Food & Nutrition Team consists of dedicated professionals with a passion for food and flavour, a flair for creative cooking, and a commitment to ensuring a top-notch dining experience. With a fully functioning in-house production kitchen, our home-cooked meals are provided with the utmost care and consideration for your health and palate.

The Home offers 1,200 meals and nourishment breaks a day. St. Joseph’s at Fleming works with residents to create a menu designed to provide a wide variety of healthy, nutritional meals that exceed Canada Food Guide expectations. Special textures and therapeutic diets are available, as assessed by the Dietitian. Special devices and utensils are also available to assist you with eating. View a Sample Menu.


Environmental Services

What We Do

Environmental Services consists of Maintenance, Laundry and Housekeeping professionals who take pride in ensuring a high level of quality service for our residents and colleagues.

Your Environmental Team is responsible for ensuring the cleanliness, safety and smooth operations of the building and grounds. Daily room checks, deep cleans, infection control practices, and safety checks are only a part of what we do. Whether it be a full range of in-house laundry service to labeling and storage of lost items, the Environmental Department is here to serve you. They are also fortunate to have highly trained Mechanical staff who work closely with our building automated systems to ensure the Home runs safely and is in compliance with all industry standards and regulations. Regular audits, reports and updates of our preventative maintenance programs and software ensure our residents and fellow employees are safe and comfortable in their day to day activities.


Resident Programs and Services

What We Do

Your Resident Programs Team consists of dedicated professionals in the areas of Physiotherapy, Recreation, Therapy, Pastoral Care, Social Work, and Volunteer Services. Key to the well-being of our residents, this team is a true mix of creativity and compassion.

The Resident Programs and Services Department provide residents the opportunity to participate in meaningful and purposeful programs that meet their individual abilities, needs and interests. This Department reflects a Montessori, Eden and Gentlecare approach to resident care. This team offers a wide variety of quality programming (spiritual, social, emotional, physical, mental) that assist in helping residents achieve their maximum potential. In terms of therapeutic care, the practice of physiotherapy is the assessment of physical function and the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of physical dysfunction, injury or pain, to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment function or to relieve pain. As such, the team’s job is to promote rehabilitation and to improve present levels of independence and quality of life for the resident.


Nursing Services

What We Do

Your Nursing Team is a group of dedicated individuals with varying levels of education. This group includes Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers, the Nurse Practitioner, Educators, Support Staff and Consultants.

The Interdisciplinary Nursing team plays an important role in the day-to-day support of Resident needs and evaluation of changes in each resident’s condition.  Interacting with other disciplines, it is this team who is at the centre of Quality Resident care.  Direct personal care is provided by the Personal Support Workers. Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses (Charge Nurses) are responsible for the administration of medications and treatments, documentation, assessments, wound care, infection control and prevention, input at Care Conferences, Care Planning and communication with other disciplines and family.

Attending Physicians have routine visits to the home and offer opportunities to share knowledge and skills with the staff, to influence nursing home policies and procedures, and to serve as advocates for residents and their families. Physicians in the Long-term care On Call group are also available 24 hours daily to provide assessments and orders to the Registered Staff. The Physician contacted may request that the NP Stat visit for an assessment or may order a transfer to hospital for assessment.

The Home is fortunate to have a Nurse Practitioner (extended class) with additional education to prepare for advanced nursing practice in the provision of primary health care to our Residents; specifically in the areas of health assessment, diagnosis, health care management, and therapeutics including pharmacological, complementary, and counselling intervention.


Non-funded Services

The following services may be attained at an additional cost:

  • Foot Care
  • Telephone
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Hairdressing

Please contact the Administration Department for more detail.

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