November Highlights

November was another busy month for us at the Home.  We started off with Remembrance Day. (see News articles for more photos)

Laying of wreath at remembrance day ceremony Hon. Colonel saluting Bugler and attendees at Remembrance day ceremony Attendees chatting at Remembrance Day Ceremony

Snow came all too soon and our everchanging gardens were blanketed in white early in November.  The path was closed, and the gardens put to bed putting us in the holiday spirit to get  the home “decked with boughs of holly”.  The Recreation department out did themselves to get ready for the Christmas Craft Sale and Tree Lighting on November 29th.

  Asphalt path beside building with snowy hillside. Pond surrounded by snow. 

Yellow sign in front of stairs covered in snow  decorated christmas tree Two women in front of christmas tree

   items for sale on a table 

Resident Pam Courneya has designed our Christmas card for two years now.  Pam produces artwork of exquisite beauty with her art therapist Elizabeth.

Two women smiling into camera Four women talking. Two seated women talking. 

Our United Way Campaign is ongoing and has raised over two thousand dollars to date!  Our Chili contest Winner!

Woman posing with crock pot.

Sadly we lost one of our Home area cats Coco after a long and contented life!

Tan coloured cat on pillow.

Many shots of tree lighting.  It was magical with the mellow sound of Four Front playing beloved Christmas songs as the residents trimmed the tree and Thelma trips the switch to light it up! We enjoyed seasonal cupcakes and juice. Christmas is officially started.

Two women holding christmas ornament smile for camera. Two standing women and man in chair in a lineup. Man and woman hang ornament on a tree Man smiles for camera while seated.

Two women put ornament on Christmas tree.  Man puts ornament on a christmas tree. Man and woman pose for photo

Two women pose for camera. Group of people in a line. People standing in a line. 

Group of people in a line. Standing woman smiles for camera. Two women smile for camera. Woman guides child in a lineup.

 Closeup of woman and her dog. Two women in closeup in front of seated group. Man and woman in line. Man and woman by christmas tree.

Closeup of woman with small stuffed toy.  Enhanced photo of christmas tree. Woman in chair smiles into camera

Close up of two men chatting. Two seated men smile for camera  Two women smile for camera.

Group of cupcakes. Clioseup of snowman cup cake. Two smiling woman. Group watching band.

Rear view of crown watching band. Man and woman smile for camera. Two women smiling at each other. Large group of seated people.