Spot the Robin!

The month of spring is coming up.  We all know March can be anything; full of snow and bluster or warm and rainy with the promise of spring. The robins in our parking lot Bradford pear trees blend in with last years browned leaves and dark fruit.  Robins don’t always migrate but these ones were in enormous flocks and we’re hoping they’ve come back from more southern climes due to the fact that spring is just around the corner! February has been a cold and snowy month ending with the biggest snow fall this season.  We’ve kept cozy indoors with parties, bingo, music events and all the usual activities.  Remember to be sure to click on the photo to enlarge it and get the best image.

February Cafe

Exercises with Physio/Bowling/Bingo



Students- Massage/Nursing/Social Services/Recreation/Physio

Two massage students smile for camera

woman smiling woman smiling Woman smiles for camera


Valentines Day party

People at tables in auditorium

Valentines Day craft box


Pub and Bistro


Early Birds and Indoor Flowers