Veterans Honoured at Ceremony at St. Joseph’s at Fleming

Memories of the Second World War came flowing back for veterans living at St. Joseph’s at Fleming…

But Jean Welbourn says they aren’t all bad…

Welbourn: I got to visit my grandmother and cousins in Ireland so it got to work out very well.

The longtime city resident served overseas as a secretary in the Airforce just after the war ended…

Welbourn: Wars are never good things…but they’re necessary. Sometimes I wish we could do without them but I don’t think it will ever happen.

Newfoundland native Walter Spencer – who laid the wreath – remembers marching through Nazi-occupied France and Germany, as a foot solider in the British army.

He said they were fearful times…

Spencer: At times, I suppose. You didn’t know if you were coming out of it. There are 18 war veterans living here…a year ago there were 24.

Carolyn Rodd, St. Joseph’s director of operations: We found out veterans are not able to get out to the Cenotaph like they used to so we like to make sure no one got left out so it’s a real community outreach program.

Ken Armstrong, honorary colonel of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, says it’s important to remember the sacrifices made. He noted a new First World War monument at Hill 70 in France will be unveiled in the spring to honour 9,000 Canadian soliders, including 9 area veterans.

Armstrong: We let go some of those memories to the point that they recede from our memories. It’s an occasion such as this that enable us to recall the facts that set us apart from other nations in the world.

His message which struck a chord with Spencer, who turns 93 next month.

Spencer: I can understand that about being forgotten… I’ve forgotten a lot of things myself.

Article from CHEX NEWS
Author: Greg Davis
Originally posted November 04, 2016