Where did July Go?

Summer is always fleeting it seems.  What took forever as child flies by in the blink of an eye. We’ve had a lot to celebrate here at St. Joseph’s.  Our accreditation was acknowledged by a big BBQ for staff, residents, family and volunteers. The weather was bright and sunny but not too hot to slave away in front of a smoking barbeque. Speeches were made, burgers were flipped, and cake was eaten!


It has been decided that our official flower will be the rose.  We have many old fashioned species roses in the gardens.  Roses symbolize love, promise, hope, and new beginnings. The red and white varieties represent unity. June is the official month of roses, but they have a beauty all through the growing season and into fall with bright scarlet rose hips and golden foliage.


We had a visit from the zoo and a summer fair.






On a sadder note we said goodbye to a beloved volunteer who has retired from his weekly visits to our home.  We’ll never forget Guy Aiello as we have named a room in his honour!  Guy is an elegant man of culture who donated many lovely pieces of art to decorate our hallways.  He is also kind and generous of spirit. His visits and Tai chi classes will be missed.

       gentleman standing in front of picture