Year End Wrap up – Goodbye 2018!





As 2018 draws to a close we can look back at our Blog postings and experience the highlights of a year of living well at St. Joseph’s at Fleming.  Every year end brings the promise of a fresh start and new experiences.  What 2019  will bring, we can only imagine.  December had so many special events we’ve needed several posts to cover them.  Not only did residents and family join in the fun but staff got into the spirit as well.  Remember to click the photo to enlarge!

Just who is under all those layers of paper to win the best snowman?

Three women help dress another in costume. Costuemed woman smiling at camera People dressed in costume of white paper being tended by others A man and woman in costume


Dressed for carolling.

Man in reindeer hat  Man with rendeer antler hat and man with shepard hat looking at camera nad smiling Man in costume smiles at camera


Making Ugly Sweater Christmas cookies.

Group decorating cookies. Woman smiling at camera Group decorating cookie Woman decorating cookie

Two women decorating cookie Woman decorating cookie Two women decorating cookie Two women decorating cookie

Two women decorating cookie Man and woman decorating cookie Man and woman decorating cookie 

 Man and woman decorating cookie Man and woman with decorated cookie Decorated cookie Tray of cookies with woman hiding her face


New chairs for the staffroom.  A gift from the Foundation and CUPE Local 2280.

First the Before sad specimens.

two chairs Two men carrying woman in chair Two men setting up new chair Group mugging for camera

Group of people around Christmas tree. man and woman smiling for camera Two men sitting in a chair Woman smiling for camera


Last Party of the Year.    Hello Fresh new 2019!!

Two women seated at a table Woman posing for camera sitting at a table Two seated women posing for camera

Woman in hat posing for camera Two women pose for camera

Group at tables enjoying entertainment Two woman in servery with a plate of donuts Group enjoying entertainment

Three women talking amongs themselves Two women posing for camera Crumpled tablecloth on a table