Our home will be an accredited and properly funded long-term care organization.

Resident's Bill of Rights

Our organization is inspired and guided by the spirit and caring reflected in the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada.

St. Joseph’s at Fleming is a Catholic, faith-based home, dedicated to serving persons of all faiths in long-term care. We are a partner in our Institution for Healthy Living and Aging, and we are guided and inspired by our motto of influencing lives through learning, research, and innovation.

Today, the tradition and goals of the Sisters of St. Joseph remain strong. St. Joseph’s at Fleming has expanded its learning partnerships and educational opportunities while remaining true to our long and distinguished histories with a solemn commitment to our residents and their families.




Our History


Anson House

In 2004, St. Joseph’s at Fleming, a 200 bed, Catholic, not-for-profit long-term care home was officially formed. It was the result of a partnership between Marycrest Home for the Aged, Anson House, and Fleming College.


Both homes had a long and respected tradition in this community; boasting over 235 years of combined experience in providing quality long term care in Peterborough and the surrounding region. When a 1998 assessment determined that the old buildings would have to be rebuilt, Marycrest Home for the Aged and Anson House made the historic decision to amalgamate and invite Fleming College into a new and unique partnership.

1998 Assessment

The first long-term care facility built on the campus of a learning institution, St. Joseph’s at Fleming partnered with Fleming College to create an Institute for Healthy Aging (IHA).

The partnership with the College also provides practical experience for its students in the Nursing, Recreation, Social Work, and Information Technology  Programs. The students are able to do some hands-on work with the Residents and their families to complement their academic studies.

Our Board of Directors

Under the auspices of the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario, the volunteer Board of Directors of St. Joseph at Fleming operates on a Policy Governance model. In this capacity, its role is to initiate broad written policies that reflect the mission and values of the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario, the heritage of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada and the Health Ethics Guide.

Director Name
Director Title
Theresa Pagett
Chair, Member & St. Joseph’s at Fleming Foundation Board Designate
Jeff Leal
Vice-Chair & Member
Henry Clarke
Jim Coghlan
Peter Darling
Sandra Dupret
Member & Fleming College Designate
Wayne Godward
Msgr. Michael Heffernan
Board Member & Vicar General – Bishop Representative
Janet Honsberger
Member - Special Projects
Kate Kincaid
Member - Special Projects
Gary Lounsbury
Past-Chair & Member
Janie McGee
Member & Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario Designate
John Nichols

Policy Governance Model

St. Joseph at Fleming is a Catholic-faith based long term care home that honours the Christian traditions of its founding origins: the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada and Anson House.

The Board of Directors commissions the CEO with responsibility for the operation of the Home in a manner that is commensurate with those policies and that honours the dignity and value of Residents who make it their home and Staff who care for them.

Governance Committee

Governance Committee

The role of this committee is to develop and review Board policies related to Governance and monitor Board compliance with its own polices.

Quality Assurance & Risk Management Committee

The role of this committee is to review and monitor Board policies related to the quality of care, services and programs; and to receive reports from the CEO regarding quality.

Our Quality Improvement Plan outlines how we will improve the quality of care we provide to our residents. See our interim plan below:

Our Emergency Preparedness Plan is currently under review. Paper copies can be provided upon request.

Quality Improvement PlanWorkplan

Resource Committee

The role of this committee is to ensure that the Board has all the information required to assess the financial viability of the organization and to ensure that the Home exercises proper stewardship of the available resources.

The Foundation


Because of the foresight of its first Directors, namely Kevin Dunn, Janet Honsberger and Bill Connolly, the St. Joseph’s at Fleming Foundation was formed and granted its Letters Patent as an Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporation on December 10, 2010. Then as of February 28, 2012, the Canada Revenue Agency advised the Foundation that it met the requirements for charitable registration under the Income Tax Act.

The single Object for which the Foundation was formed was “To support the activities and objectives of Marycrest Home For The Aged (operating as “St. Joseph’s at Fleming)…” In other words, any money that the Foundation was able to raise through its various means and activities was to be for the sole benefit of St. Joseph’s at Fleming Long-Term Care Home.

As a Not-for-Profit Corporation, St. Joseph’s at Fleming receives funding from the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care to support its day-to-day operations, such things as staffing, food, heat, and light. No money is provided for capital improvements, like building upgrades and new equipment. That’s where the Foundation comes in.

The Foundation Board has expanded from the three charter members to its current membership of eight community members, representative of various constituencies, each volunteering their time and talents. Initially, the Foundation quietly stewarded donations generously provided through legacy gifts, memorial donations, several significant donations of privately owned shares, and grateful family gifts. And each year, the Foundation has been able to provide the St. Joseph’s at Fleming Home with at least $50,000 to facilitate the purchase of much-needed equipment, new technology, furnishings, and upgrades to facilities, all to enhance the comfort and care of its Residents and keep it a world-class, state-of-the-art facility for the seniors of our area.

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St Joseph’s at Fleming Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity by the Canada Revenue Agency.

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