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What’s it like living at St. Joes?

Our team is dedicated to person-focused care. That means you are the priority, we want you to feel happy,
healthy and well cared for.


We have extensive walking trails including a garden that is always blooming with new flowers. Residents with mobility issues can use our accessible pathways to enjoy the courtyards and chicken coup!


We schedule regular visits from local businesses like The Reptile Zoo and Car Shows. We also have a strong Bingo community and an active naturalist club.


The Ministry of Health & Long Term Care sets the minimum and maximum accommodation rates for all long term care homes in Ontario. These rates are subject to an annual review by the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care; as well as any subsidization.

How to Apply

Eligibility to a long term care home is regulated through your Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS).

Visit healthcareathome.ca to apply

Our Rooms

Moving into a new environment can be an emotional and daunting venture. How do you pack a lifetime of memories and years of household comforts into one room? For that reason, St. Joseph’s at Fleming encourages our Residents to make their room their own. Mindful of the Home’s health and safety requirements, St. Joseph’s at Fleming offers Residents the ability to bring in appropriate comforts and furnishings to showcase your life, and ensure your ease.

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