In 2004, Marycrest Home for the Aged and Anson House merged to form St. Joseph’s at Fleming Long Term Care Home.  In a unique partnership with Fleming College, and inspired by the long and giving history of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peterborough, a family grew – one built on the solid foundation of living, learning and caring.

About the Foundation

On February 28, 2012, the St. Joseph’s at Fleming Foundation was granted status as a Canadian Registered Charity by the Canada Revenue Agency, following its formation as a Not-for-Profit Corporation in December, 2010.

In the past six years to 2018, the Foundation’s Board, consisting of eight community members, representative of various constituencies, each volunteering their time and talents, has quietly stewarded donations generously provided through legacy gifts, memorial donations, several significant donations of privately owned shares, and grateful family gifts.

Each year, the Foundation has been able to provide the St. Joseph’s at Fleming Home with at least $50,000 to be able to purchase much-needed equipment, new technology, furnishings, and upgrades to facilities, all to enhance the comfort and care of its residents, and keep it a world-class, state-of-the-art facility for the seniors of our area.

As always, your kind donation would be most welcome anytime…all to make life better for our residents!

The Next Stage

As our beautiful St. Joseph’s at Fleming has matured…it’s now a teenager…and for 24/7 in each of those years it has been home to our 200 residents and their 250 caregivers, it goes without saying there are features that are becoming outdated, wearing down, and need to be replaced. And of course with technological advances, there is newer, more effective equipment which enhances the everyday life experience for our residents that we could purchase. Such capital improvements and new equipment are very costly, and are not funded by the government. That money must come from the Third Sector… that is, you and I.

In order for St. Joseph’s at Fleming to be able to remain at the forefront in its field, the Foundation as the Home’s funding partner will need to assist it to be prepared to meet these crucial needs. The Foundation has recently undergone a study by a local consulting firm to gauge the community’s interest in supporting an appeal for funds to help provide for the Home and its residents. We are gratified indeed. All indications are that our community at large would be willing to donate to St. Joseph’s at Fleming when asked. So the St. Joseph’s at Fleming Foundation is about to embark on its first official campaign in the not-too-distant future to raise these much-needed funds.

The people of Peterborough and Area are famous for their generosity and support of many worthwhile causes. It’s just one of the reasons why this is such a great place to live.

Stay Tuned!!

Jim Coghlan
St. Joseph’s at Fleming Foundation



St. Joseph’s at Fleming would like to thank the Government of Canada for helping fund our building’s HVAC upgrades!